Social Responsibility

We're switching off for Earth Hour, will you?

Earth Hour

Held each year at 8:30pm on the last Saturday in March, Earth Hour is a WWF initiative symbolising the collective power of individuals, businesses and governments to reduce our impact on this planet.

From its beginnings in one city in one country – Sydney – Earth Hour has grown to millions of people in over 5000 cities across 135 countries.

A truly global community committed to creating a more sustainable future!

Our Social Responsibility Pledge

Social Responsibility is at the core of our business. Our blue globe logo with the Chinese symbol for 3 relates to the sanctity of life. For us it is fundamental that our activities in business not only don’t have any adverse effects but actually benefit the planet and people on it.

  1. At least 33% of all our costs will spent on CSR relevant suppliers
  2. 3.3% of ALL profits will be donated to charity
  3. Our staff commit time to a community project once a quarter
  4. We Place, we Plant. For every placement made through us, we will plant new trees on this earth. You grow, the environment benefits*.

If you wish to be one of our Pledge Suppliers then please contact us to see if you meet our Social Responsibility standards. If you are a community project located in one of our Cities, and looking for corporate help, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

No Planet, No People, No Point!

*The contribution made by us on your behalf will help to offset the carbon emissions generated in dealing with us, generate local jobs, reduce dryland salinity and provide a habitat for animals. All trees planted are native to the local country.

We Place, We Plant

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