Mission and Values

Our Mission and Values are the building blocks of 33 Talent culture and business. We only hire people that share in our belief system of a supportive, collaborative and meanginful work environment. These people can come from any walk of life and background if they share these common beliefs and goals. This equates to a diverse, dynamic, engaged and driven workforce which benefits clients and talent alike.

Like everything else about 33 Talent, our Mission and Values are unique and meaningful. They are not your standard tick box, must-do, corporate communications directive with no real meaning, dreamed up and pushed down… we live and breath them.

Our Mission

To disrupt the world of recruitment with ever evolving and innovative approaches. To dominate our markets whilst upholding our founding principles of social responsibility, collaboration, thoughtfulness and fun.

Our Values

  1. No planet, No people, No point – Social Responsibility and providing a sustainable future for our planet and local communities. It’s the beating heart of our business and all we do.
  2. No ‘I’ in Talent – 33 Talent is about the power of ‘we’. It is about being a collective force to achieve excellence both internally and for our clients and talent alike.
  3. Pay it forward – Always ask ourselves, “how can I give value in this situation?” Give value to people, help them and do it first. They will often want to help you back.
  4. Broken Glass – We would crawl through it to deliver what we know we have to in order to achieve excellence, every time to everyone. This is effort, hard hard work, quality, determination, and loyalty. Be & deliver the best you can, always.
  5. Thinker – This is consideration, ideation, innovation. This keeps us real but ahead of the competition
  6. Laughter – it is the best medicine. We will be able to laugh at ourselves and laugh together. Everyone needs to enjoy the “glory of the ride”
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