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Can we change your perception on what’s possible in a role in recruitment? Can you change ours?

We want to grow our business with the best people in our field so that together we can continue to change the industry for the better. In return we will offer the best environment in which to enjoy your working day:
ROWE – we run one of the first and only true Results Only Work Environments in AsiaPac. Our Founder and Group MD is a pioneer in this system and linked directly to the ROWE Founder, Cali Ressler. What are some of the key *take outs of ROWE:

  • ROWE recognizes that life is an individual experience and that no two lives are identical — and leverages this to achieve better performance from each individual. ROWE is not Flextime. ROWE is not Telecommuting. ROWE is not Job‐Sharing. ROWE is not about allowing your people to work from home a couple of days per week.
  • In a Results-Only company , employees can do whatever they want whenever they want, as long as the work gets done. No more pointless meetings, racing to get in at 9:00 am, or begging for permission to watch your kid play soccer. No more cramming errands into the weekend, or waiting until retirement to take up your hobbies again. You make the decisions about what you do and where you do it, every minute of every day.


  • You control the clock and results are your responsibility.
  • Healthier lifestyle – not overworked, less stress
  • Autonomy & accountability
  • Increase productivity & efficiency
  • Environmentally friendly – save on the commute and work from home!

(*Source: ROWE website)

Laptops, Tablets and iPhones – we provide our staff with the latest cutting edge hardware to enable them to do their jobs as effectively and efficiently as possible

Web based Systems – everything from our email, to our CRM and file server systems are in the Cloud. This means accessibility is a breeze and enables our staff to be just as efficient working from their garden as the office.

If you like our values, our philosophy and like the idea of working in a ROWE then that’s a good start. Have a further look around at our solutions and who we are.

We need like-minded people that want to deliver value through excellence in what they do but with a much broader outlook that goes beyond just themselves. We want people who will disrupt the world of recruitment in a positive manner and help continuous progression in both their own development, 33 Talent and all those who interact with us.

If this sounds like you then contact us now and let’s see where we can go together.

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