What is 33CLUB?

33 Club is an exclusive, invitation only network of senior executives within each of our specialist Talent verticals. Through 33 Club we crowd source the best Talent based upon personal recommendations from some of the industry’s top executives.

Everyone knows that referrals are the best source of candidates. Why limit it to just those people in your company?

How does it work?

  1. Every member of the 33 Club has been carefully selected and personally invited. They are the best in what they do in each of their respective fields and geographies.
  2. We release roles confidentially to members and seek their referrals. Each referral is someone that they are comfortable personally recommending. Perhaps they’ve worked with that person or they know someone who has.
  3. If the candidate referred is successfully placed, we share 33% of our fee with the club member. That’s right, there is a very strong financial incentive for leading executives to help you find the best people in the market.

What does it cost?

33 Club is included in the fee and is a standard part of any Search process undertaken by 33 Talent where the role is in excess of $150K.

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