If you work in Technology, Entertainment or Marcomms we’re strongly positioned to assist you because… 

We’re passionate

We are staffed by ambitious and knowledgable people that have a REAL passion for what they do, and in our game that means what you do too! You will not be palmed off onto a database or junior consultant “learning the ropes” but looked after by senior, experienced people that will be able to advise and guide you. 

We’re specialists

We live and breath Technology, Entertainment and Marcomms. This means we can consult, advise, guide. We are Recruiters and proud of what we do, mainly because we are very good at it.

We innovate

Its at the core of our business. 33 Talent was founded on Innovation and as a core Value we will continue to embrace it. Innovation means change and we are one of the few companies full of people that embrace change. That means with us you know you’ll always be at the forefront of the recruitment space and the opportunites it can offer you.

We’re more than your typical recruiter

Sure we work on “briefs” from clients, and if a brief matches your needs we will of course let you know. Primarily, however if you are registered with one of our consultants you are only one of 100 to 230 relationships that they proactively manage. Our differentiator is that we create deep relationships with a manageable amount of the best Talent. This means your consultant will work with you very closely in the same way a sports management agency would represent a player.


Finally, 33 Club is our most innovative solution. Here you can gain access to an exclusive network of jobs that your contacts can refer you to. You can also refer people and this can earn you tens of thousands of dollars.

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