Interview Tips

Job interviewing… “oh joy” we hear you say! Having been through it ourselves a few times we do know where you’re coming from. One of the things we constantly remind ourselves of here at 33T is our own personal recruitment experiences. We also tell our clients to remember theirs. Karma and all that! 

They never seem to get any easier, especially if you are not a “natural” sales person. Let’s face it, that’s what you’re doing. You can have all the knowledge in the world but if you can’t communicate that in an effective way you will still probably lose out. 

So you are meeting new people, talking about (selling) yourself and your skills, and being quizzed (and tested) about what you know or don’t know. There is a lot to deal with! Here are some interview tips that will hopefully help you make the best of the situation you find yourself in! 

Prepare (not learn)

This is rightly the number ONE tip and its importance outweighs all the others combined! When we say prepare, we do not mean learn and there is a huge difference. A company is after finding out your current knowledge, skills and behaviours to see if they are a fit. If you manage to “learn” something for an interview you won’t be the right person for the job and therefore unhappy. This is also my top bit of advice to help you remain calm. You’re not going into an exam. You know what you know, just make sure it’s organised so it comes across well.

Preparing means to research the company (make notes), create insightful questions that seek to understand (make notes), and create insightful answers to questions you’re likely to be asked. 

Get Ready

This is about making sure you do not have last minute interruptions to your focus. Make sure you’ve done your preparation in advance; researched how to get to the interview; print out directions and details and any other necessary documents the day before; dressing appropriately; and setting off with plenty of time to spare. 

Be Calm 

This is helped in huge amounts by the top 2 tips however it is important to have triggers ready to squash any “arrival jitters”. Things we advise are: arrive 5 minutes before the interview (no earlier, no later); ask for a water and talk to the staff receiving you (I always ask my receptionist for their first impressions on candidates interviewing with us… not a good idea to get them offside!); do not do last minute “cramming”; remind yourself this is NOT an exam. You only know what you know and if its not enough that’s fine – its not the right role.; your ONLY enemy is letting panic set it – this will cloud your thoughts, make you forget things, make you fidget or other such interview horrors.

Be Personable and Keen 

This is not a competition of egos so however stern your interviewer might be, be yourself and be personable. Always thank them after the interview and always follow up with a note stating the same (and your interest if there). Also, always find out if they have any concerns at this point or if there was anything they weren’t sure of in regards to you. Then close with what the next steps would be if successful (this is critical, especially if you’re interviewing for a sales role!)



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